4th Meeting

French course
Teaching and learning Finnish-English-German food-themed vocabulary and Finnish grammar

4th meeting (Tenny Yildirim, Panayiotis Panayiotou, Réka Varzsik and Lorenzo Piacenza)

For our 4th meeting we decide to learn the same things in  French. The course was really interesting and we enjoyed every minutes of it.

  1. Learn how to conjugate the verb eat in French:
  • Je mange
  • Tu manges
  • il/elle/on mange
  • Nous mangeons
  • Vous mangez
  • ils/elles mangent
  1. How to conjugate the verb drink in French:
  • Je bois
  • Tu bois
  • il/elle/on boit
  • Nous buvons
  • Vous buvez
  • ils/ells mangent
  1. Different food items in English/ French:
  • Steak /Steak
  • Ham /Jambo
  • Cheese /Fromage
  • Chicken /Poulet
  • Calf /Veau
  • Beef /Boeuf
  • Turkey /Dinde
  1. Animals in English /French:
  • Dog /Chien
  • Cat /Chat
  • Wolf /Loup
  • Bull /Taureau
  • Cow/ /Vache
  • Rabbit /Lapin/Lapine(male/female)
  • Horse /
  • Duck/Papera/Canard/Cane(male/female)
  • Goose/Oca/Oie
  • Giraf /Giraffe
  • Mouse /Souries
  • Fox /Renard


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