Blog 3:Leadership, rules, punishments and values!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With the strike and the snow and the generous offer of a free ride to school, Myko and I discussed in the car the importance of guiding in leadership instead of punishing. The values of respect and the ability to teach and guide instead of shame and punish.The vocabulary used in the discussion was rich but I didn't gather as much new Vietnamese words but we were able to have a fruitful conversation and I realized that Myko's vocabulary and English pronunciation had improved. We managed to keep the conversation going and came to the conclusion that leadership between adults is not about punishments but about getting to understand each others needs and values and how to establish respectful boundaries and rules that enable synergetic cooperation. Talking with Myko using professional jargon is really helping herimprove and we are getting to know each other so much better. After we spoke I google translated some key words like values, respect and leadership in Vietnamese. I repeated them many times to help me remember.


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