Blog5: Lamb Hot Pot, chopsticks, plates and bones! Today I learned so many words that my notes ran out of pages in my book. The evening began with a hot plate in the middle of the table and a lot of little things to eat in separate bowls, pickles, and meat, noodles. I learned the words fork and knife and spoon and napkin. We talked a lot about future business plans and ideas for different sectors of business in Tampere. Every culture has different ways of approaching the situation. In Finland people are on time and they come with the idea of getting things forward and working hard but of course there are always exceptions. Tonight I brought siskoonmakkara and I cut it into little pieces and served it in the boiling hot broth. Myko's daughter really enjoyed the sausages and i promised to make her the soup one day. It was nice to learn so many new words and eat so many new kinds of food. We really enjoy the course and it gets us out of the house on these cold winter nights! Myko's daughter is very good in learning Finnish and it is always surprising to realize how much faster children are able to learn new things! I got inspired and realized that I should practice reading in Finnish more as to improve my vocabulary also in that area. Soon my Vietnamese will surpass my Finnish!


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