Meeting 4 - German dinner

In this meeting on the 7th of November 2023, we have gone to Laura´s house. Why? Because Laura and Chiara were in charge of "German Dinner"!!

The two of them prepared typical German food for Carla and me. For example, one of the dishes that they made was called “Brotzeit”, which consisted of a cold dinner made of bread and stuffed with a kind of sauce inside.

Chiara and Laura also prepared “Brezen” and “Obatzter”, which is a mixture of not too strong cheese, chopped onion and plenty of butter. They also brought pickles and cucumbers.

We were also discussing about prices of supermarkets in Tampere, and the accessibility for students.

All four of us agreed that “Lidl” is the best option for us. This is because it has many different types of food, including Spanish Chinese, German, American…


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