Meeting 2 - Talking and talking

As we already knew a bit more about ourselves, we were teaching each other how to have a "normal" conversation, but also some randoms expressions or words that interested us.

This second meeting took place at the university (20.09.2023).
We started by talking about how we could have a regular conversation in the respective languages (German and Spanish):

– Good morning: buenos días, Guten Morgen  

– Hi: Hola

– How are you?: ¿Cómo estás?, wie gehts dir? 

– You are welcome: de nada, gerngeschehen or kein Problem (like no Problem) 

– I don’t know: no sé, Ich weiß es nicht  

– Bye bye: adiós, Tschüss in bavaria servus which also means hello 

– Yes/ No: sí/no, ja/yes nein/no 

– My name is: mi nombre es, Ich heiße”

While we were talking and typing the vocabulary on our computers, we realised that the keyboard of our computers is different. In Spanish, we have Ñ “eñe”, LL “elle”; In German they have ö ,ä ü. In turn, the letters “z” and “y” are found in different places on the keyboard.

We also noticed several aspects of pronunciation such as that German sounds hard but not so strict and that it is slower and with breaks, but in contrast Spanish sounds passionate, fluently/smooth, but a litlle bit confusing and fast.

Finally, we talked about some curiosities of our languages, as well as some random expressions or idioms which, if we translate them, make no sense, but which are used every day in our countries.


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