Meeting 5: Childhood dishes

In our fifth meeting Nisa showed us a common childhood dish from the carribean. We did a soup with some vegetables and the best part were the dumplings. Now some of you might think of something else when I write dumplings. It’s not the filled steamed or fried dumplings you get e.g. in a japanese style restaurant. The dumplings were a very easy to make dough made essentially of flour and water. Then you roll small balls with two sharp endings et voilà: dumplings. We then put them in the soup and cooked them together with the other stuff. An addition that Hanna and I will definitely do in our soups in the future.

We were also talking about how Hanna and I do soups in Germany and what ingredients we like. I for example usually puree my soup before eating it and then eat Toast with it. I used to eat one pot of potatoe soup (about 4 liters) a week for 1 and 1/2 years during covid.


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