Meeting 6: Pfannkuchen

In our sixth meeting we made Hanna and my favorite breakfast dish: Pfannkuchen. Pfannkuchen is the reason for an old ongoing debate about the name of this dish. Where I’m from we call them by the way they are cooked (Pfanne = Pan, Kuchen = cake –> Pan cake, makes sense right?) whereas where Hanna is from these are called Eierkuchen based on an ingredient (Eier = Eggs) eventhough in this recipe we don’t use eggs at all (Now, this makes obviously no sense anymore!). What makes even less sense is that they DO have Pfannkuchen in Berlin but these are the things that everyone else calls Berliner. You don’t even make these in a Pan!

Anyways, Nisa does her Pancakes usually a bit thicker than the ones we were doing. We also eat them a bit differnt. Nisa would cut the thicker pancakes the way they are whereas we would fill them with Apfelmus (Applepuree?), then roll them and cut the roll in pieces.



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