Meeting 6 - Spanish Dinner!

This meeting took place on 13.11.2023 in Carla's flat, which is located in Yrtikattu, near Hervanta. I was looking forward to this meeting, because it was time for the "Spanish dinner".

Carla and I cooked a homemade potato omelette for Chiara and Laura. Its ingredients are potatoes, eggs and some onions. We also prepared some toast with toasted bread, olive oil, grated tomato and Manchego cheese.

We talked about different topics such as the fact that bread is something very common in our two countries (Germany and Spain). We also talked about how difficult it is to make a potato omelette, especially turning the omelette in the pan. 

A very curious word that also came up while we were cooking was “extractor hood”, which in Spanish is called “Extractor” and in German “Dunstabzugshaube”.


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