Meeting 8- Tourist culture about Germany

Today is a wonderful day. I learned travel information of Germany.

Today is a wonderful day filled with cultural discoveries. I had the pleasure of spending time with Katja who shared fascinating insights into Germany, particularly about the Berlin Wall.

The Berlin Wall, which divided a city and symbolized the broader divide between East and West during the Cold War. The stories of families separated, and the eventual fall of the wall in 1989 left me in awe of the resilience and unity of the German people.

Later, Katja took me on a virtual tour of her hometown in South Berlin. She painted a vivid picture of the local culture, traditions.  We strolled through the charming streets, explored local landmarks. In addtionion, she showed me some authentic German cuisine.

I feel a strong connection forming, bridging the gap between our different backgrounds. It’s incredible how sharing stories can create bonds that transcend borders and cultures. I look forward to learning more about Germany in the future.



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