Meeting 7 - Having a pleasant walk

This was our seventh meeting, which took place in Hervanta. We were walking together and talking about several (and random) topics.

We discussed the architecture differences from Finland, Spain and Germany. We all consider that here it is simple and look cleaned, like for example the churches. In German they have an old gothic style and in Spain they are full of details and colourful pictures.

As Chiara is studying to be an architect, she explained to us some issues, and a curious thing was that she does not like bathrooms, specifically the shower in the toilet. In the same way, she said that all houses in Finland looked quite similar because they must have the same type of balcony due to the snow.

We have also discussed about maaany other things such as how we grew up, school pick up in our two countries and in contrast with Finland, criminality…

Some vocabulary:

  • “Having a walk”: “Spaziergang” in German and “Dar un paseo” in Spanish.
  • “Church”: “Kirche” (German), “Iglesia” (Spanish).
  • “House”: Haus, Casa.
  • “Balcony”: Balkon, Balcón.
  • “Baby carrier”: Kinderwagen, carrito de bebé
  • “Track and field”:  “Leichtathletik” “atletismo” 
  • “Squirrel”: “Einhörnchen”, “ardilla”
  • “Duck”: “Ente”, “pato” 


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