Meeting 8 - Christmas and New Year's Eve traditions

This meeting took place the 16th of November of 2023, in Hervanta Campus. There, we were talking about our own Christmas traditions while having lunch.

We thought it was a nice idea to bring Finnish things (sweets, magnets, souvenirs…) as a Christmas present for our friends and family. 

Every 24th December night or 25th December morning, Santa Claus comes to our houses (in Germany and also in Spain).

In Spain, there is also another tradition, which is called “Los Reyes Magos” (something like “The magic kings”). They come to your house every 5th of January. It is related to the Christian religion.

More topics that have arised were “fireworks”. In Spain it is forbidden in some places, but in others it is a tradition. For example in Valencia “Las Fallas”.  In Germany, people can play with them wherever they want.

There´s another tradition in Spain which consists of eating 12 grapes at 0.00 o’clock every 31st of December. People usually wear red underwear on this day.

The four of us are used to have the typical calendar with 24 doors with small presents or details inside.

Some Vocabulary:

  • Christmas (“Weihnachten”) (“Navidad”)
  • New years eve (“Silvester”) (“Noche Vieja”) 
  • Santa Claus (“Weihnachtsmann”) (“Papá Noel”) 
  • Advent calendar (“Adventskalender”) (“Calendario de Adviento”)


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