Sixth meeting (Spanish evening)

Marlen and I prepared typical food from our country.

Sixth meeting (13.11)

The sixth meeting took place at my home, and we took the opportunity to prepare a Spanish evening. Marlen and I prepared typical food from our country.

We prepare the most typical Spanish dish, a potato omelette. We cooked it on the spot. It consists of beating eggs together with chopped fried potatoes and making an omelette. Laura and Chiara told us that they liked it very much. In addition, to accompany the dinner we had toasted bread with tomato and olive oil, with Manchego cheese on top. We noticed that in Germany as well as in Spain it is very common to use bread for cooking. In addition, we bought olives and gherkins as a snack for the table. 

As we looked around the kitchen we noticed that neither my flat nor Laura’s had a cooker hood (“dunstabzugshaube” in German). Maybe because they were student flats. 

Finally I would like to say that it was an adorable evening, and above all Marlen and I managed to flip the omelette… the most complicated step in making a Spanish omelette!


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