Tenth meeting (BGD-CZE-FIN-HUN-ESP)

Our last meeting (probably), so we just grabbed a coffee and talked about our plans for the future. Everyone explained their plans during the summer what we are going to do and what our (me, Dorka, and Ines = exchange students) general experience is. Talking about spending the semester in Tampere and generally Finland. I told them that I really enjoyed my stay in Tampere, and I would not change it. I am glad that I had an opportunity to try the different educational systems and experience a different culture in general. When I came to Tampere I was wondering if Finland is well developed as other northern countries. I didn’t mean something like an economic situation, but I meant for example if people are more open and liberal on topics like gender equality, lgbtq+ rights, and general tolerance. In my point of view, I have to say yes. It showed me that Czechia (my country) must change its mindset and be less conservative because I think this is the right thing to do if we want to get along with other people. We need equality and tolerance in the whole world and Finland is a good example.


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