Animating in Budapest!

Budapest – a city with so much to offer and explore!

I absolutely loved the beautiful
Budapest with its stunning architecture. I frequently attended live music events, life drawing sessions, hikings and animation festivals. The thermal baths were my favourite place for relaxation and random walks often led me to interesting spots. Few times I did urban exploration, where I saw lot of nice graffities.
At University, there were often interesting exhibitions by students. I especially loved the workshops and events that hosted on campus. I became interested in a new medium, soundscapes, because of these events. 
Studying animation was an incredible experience. Having talented classmates around made the atmosphere really creative. I chose this university specifically for the unique Hungarian animation style, known for its creativity and surreal style. The teachers were fantastic, providing valuable feedback that improved my understanding of animation process and character creation. Working culture differs a bit from Finland, because there are bigger independent projects. I feel that they teach students how to be artists rather than just being a part of a big machine. Balancing independent work with groupworks made my learning journey complete. 


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