¡Hala Madrid!

In the capital of Spain, where every street buzzes with energy, my time as a Finnish Erasmus exchange student has been a mix of studies, fun, meeting new people and learning about different cultures.

I’m an Entrepreneuship and Team Leadership student from Proakatemia. Our studies are very different comparing to other degrees in Finland and this huge difference turned out to be there also in Spain. I got so lucky because my two friends and me got accepted to the same university, so we moved together to Madrid. We got accepted to the same courses aswell so it was so nice to study there together!

Overall, I would say that the quality of education is okay, but we experienced a lot of disruption during the classes because for some students it was okay to talk out loud with friends even though our professor was trying to teach us at the same time. Of course, we understand cultural differences, but for us that was all about the lack of respect. That was maybe the biggest difference what comes to studying that I can name.

We studied in the Universidad Fransisco de Vitoria and the campus area was breathtaking! We had so many restaurants, a gym, a swimming hall and also football, tennis, padel and basketball courts! So amazing. Also, there was a possibility to buy a beer during the school day which was so crazy.

We met so many new friends in school but also during a spare time. I don’t know how they do things in different cities or countries, but in Madrid they had put a lot of effort of making everything so easy for exchange students. They organized many events every day where you can meet new friends and tried to make sure that people don’t feel loneliness.

So yes, every day we had parties where we can attend. It was shocking to realize that actually it doesn’t matter are you going out on Monday or on Friday, the party is always so good no matter what day it is.

Madrid has also a wonderful architecture and so many beautiful places to visit. Basically you can find everything there; shopping, culinary food experiences, history, parties, Real Madrid and lovely people. What else you need?

(Btw, probably my biggest flex right now is that I can say I lived next to Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and got to see the Real Madrid game twice, ¡Hala Madrid! Also FC Barcelona game once but that’s just a side note. Just kidding!)

I’m forever grateful for this experience. When you’re originally from small town with 10 000 thousand people living there and thinking that Tampere feels a bit big, after Madrid I can tell Tampere is actually a really small place, haha. But of course I love it still! Finland and Spain both feel like home to me.

No es un adiós, es un hasta luego!




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