Greetings from Gothenburg!

Greetings from windy Gothenburg! I am writing this when I have already come home to Finland. I spent my autumn in Gothenburg and studied musical theatre at Performing Arts School. I was so busy during my time there so I didn't have time or energy to write this blog post. I am happy to finally get to share with you what i experienced during my time in Sweden.

I started my studies at Performing Arts School in August 2021 and came back to Finland a few days before Christmas. My studies in Gothenburg were a bit different from my studies here in Finland. My days at school were longer, I was at school usually from 9 a.m. to 5 or 6 p.m., sometimes even longer. At first my body and mind were really tired but after a few weeks it became a lot easier. I studied dancing, singing and acting in different forms and got to do different projects which was amazing. I learned a lot during my exchange and it was really special to get to experience how it is to study musical theatre in Sweden.












I spent a lot of my spare time at school because I had so much to do. However, I had time to hang out with my friends from school, see different shows and visit an amusement park called Liseberg, for example. My family visited me in Gothenburg so I got to spend time with them also. During my exchange I fell in love with Gothenburg and got so many close friends. Two months after I had travelled back to Finland I visited Gothenburg again and spent there 1,5 weeks. My exchange experience was so great that I am planning to go back and maybe work in Sweden next summer.



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