Greetings from Kofu, Japan

Greetings from Japan. I am currently on my exchange program in the city of Kofu. It’s been an incredible journey so far.

Kofu is a beautiful place surrounded by picturesque mountains. The weather here is pleasant, and the cherry blossoms have bloomed, painting the city in vibrant shades of pink. I even had a hanami (flower viewing) picnic with my friends, sitting under the cherry trees and enjoying delicious snacks.

The view from my room is amazing. I see Mt. Fuji very morning as I wake up. It is very inspirational and I feel blessed to be in such a magical place.

During my time here, I have also had the chance to explore Osaka and Tokyo. Osaka is a vibrant city with a lively atmosphere. The food in Osaka is simply amazing. I tried their famous takoyaki, a snack made of octopus, and it was delicious. I also tried okonomiyaki which has quickly become my favorite food in Japan. I also visited Osaka Castle, a majestic historical landmark, and enjoyed breathtaking views from the observation deck of Umeda Sky Building.

Tokyo is a bustling metropolis that never sleeps. The city is filled with towering skyscrapers, neon lights, and bustling streets. I spent a whole day exploring the famous Shibuya Crossing, where hundreds of people cross the intersection at once. I also visited Asakusa Temple, where I witnessed traditional Japanese rituals and bought some souvenirs.

Aside from sightseeing, I have been immersing myself in Japanese culture. I attended a tea ceremony where I learned about the art of tea making and enjoyed a cup of matcha tea. I also tried my hand at origami and learned to fold a paper crane.

The people here in Japan are friendly and polite. I have made some friends during my exchange program, both locals and fellow exchange students.

Hope to see you soon and all the best,



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