My Ljubljana exchange experience

Greetings from Ljubljana, Slovenia! Time has flown by, and I can't wait to share my incredible experiences during my exchange program here.

Photography was the primary focus of my exchange program. The University of Ljubljana’s fine arts department has been really expanding my creativity. I did not only delve into my photography major but also had the opportunity to take courses in drawing and videography. The cross-disciplinary approach has been eye-opening, allowing me to fuse techniques and concepts from different forms of visual arts.

In Ljubljana, I’ve noticed a strong emphasis on fostering individual creativity. Professors encourage students to think outside the box, and there’s a remarkable degree of flexibility in course structures. This approach has allowed me to explore photography, drawing, and videography holistically, making connections I might not have considered otherwise. I feel like Finnish education, on the other hand, places more high value on collaboration and interdisciplinary learning. Both systems have their merits, and I’m grateful for the diverse perspectives I’ve gained.

While my academic pursuits were undoubtedly a significant part of my exchange experience in Ljubljana, my spare time was equally enriching. Exploring the city and its surroundings during leisure hours allowed me to immerse myself in local culture, and create unforgettable memories. Each outing, meal, and encounter increased my understanding and love for Slovenian culture.



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