Warm autumn in Spain

I'm gonna be a bachelor of social work (who does not like autumn and coldness) so I decided to do my last practical training in Fuengirola, finnish speaking school and enjoy the warmth for couple more months.


Here my job is to work with youngsters, from 13 to 16 yers old students. My goal is to give them an experience of being heard and met as their own individuals. Lunch breaks are good time to approach them and ask how is their life going. I have seen a lot of different group and different roles in classes.

Fuengirola Beach in Fuengirola | Expedia

Here in Spain are lot of nice places. In Fuengirola, there is not so much culture, but it is really easy to go to different cities, for example to Malaga of Marbella. Here I spend a lot of time on the beach. I have met new people, and most of them are finnish speaking people. It would be nice get to know also some local people here.

Fuengirola | HAGI Estates

Working here and in Finland is kind of same, but of course the weather is different when it has been sunny in here most of the time. I think here in Fuengirola is a little more relaxed work environment. The biggest difference here in school, is that here is not an own class to the children with special needs.


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