Postcard from Seoul, South Korea

My exchange experience in South Korea

Back in Finland I study Media and Arts in TAMK, and here in SKKU my major is Film, Tv and Multimedia. When you think about the media and entertainment industry, what could be a better place to study the subject than South Korea. I’m sure it will look good forever in my resume that I have had an exchange experience of studying the field here.

I didn’t know much about the study culture in advance but really loved it with all the student clubs and activities together. I like martial arts and have practiced Hapkido in Finland, and here I wanted to try Taekwondo. The training was mostly in Korean but that gave a good opportunity to learn Korean language better. I was also the only foreign member in a dance group and we did a performance together, it was wonderful! People were all cheering for each other and I felt like I had my own k-pop star moment.

My friends back home are amused by how many cool experiences I’m gaining while being here. School festivals are an especially amazing thing to have, the artists make you feel like you are part of a big family and all the events and stages are huge! Koreans are the best party company and Seoul has so many things to do and places to see. Also as a foreigner you are not expected to know anything and people are amazingly helpful and understanding. The politeness is lovely and most of the people have very good manners, and make others feel well respected.

Sometimes the busy city life of Seoul can get overwhelming but there is plenty of nature and temple areas around to go to and relax. Also weekend trips to other cities and countryside have been very grounding. I visited Jeju Island and it was a whole new experience, it’s amazing how much variety the nature there has. South Korea definitely has interesting things to see and do for everyone.


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