Greetings from "the southernmost city in Finland"!

I spend my fall in Fuengirola, Spain, doing my practical training at finnish school.

My task as bachelor of social services intern is especially to facilitate that students are being heard and being met. I will guide students during the school days in the form of various tasks and activities. I meet every students individually and I will supporting students’ independence. Almost all kids speaking finnish but there are couple of kids who don’t understand so much finnish, so I need talk with them using english.

In my spare time, I spend a lot of time on beach, walking around the streets and doing some traditional turism activities like dolphin watching and visiting the zoo. I live near the train station, so it’s easy and quick to travel to nearby towns. I just spent the weekend in Málaga, where there was plenty to see.

Working at Spain are almost the same as working in Finland, only the weather is better. When I have discussed with my co-workers I have heard that in Spain people has much lower salary than in Finland. At clients I can say that children who live in Spain has same problems as children who live in Finland. However children who live in Spain has one specially challenge. The parents of the family have wanted to move to Spain and can’t or don’t want to see that children might missed home: their relations, friends, old school and hobbies.


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