Wonderful semester in Budapest!

Lovely Budapest will stay forever in my heart!

Budapest turned out to be one of my best international experience I have ever had! Being a capital city, it holds 1.7 million inhabitants together with impressive architecture combined with urban nature found around every corner. You can never be bored in Budapest, because I felt that the city never sleeps. It hosts hundreds of Erasmus students, as it is highly considered as an exchange destination worldwide. Thus, the social life here always blossoms as you can easily create lots of connections in order to build a great social networking system to operate with international students from different countries and backgrounds. The possibility for social gatherings are unlimited here, as every day there are some activities to do in a huge group. Erasmus students are usually taken care of by the host university communities that are really helpful to introduce the incoming students to as many social events as possible. I highly appreciate the work and commitment of the Erasmus coordinators for daily posting of event announcements in common online chats which every student can join.


The language of the city is Hungarian, a hard language to learn for one semester, but nevertheless, people are sufficiently used to English, so even if the language barrier is still present with local people, I would say people there are internationalized enough in order to have a genuine conversation in English. Even if the party life is perfect for young souls, the studies can be also considered suitable in order to pass the courses and gain valuable knowledge to proceed further in the study path. The university here is noticeably different from the one I experience in Finland, as the system is really different but still relatively easy to follow. The teachers here are welcoming and open to collaborate with students regarding some individual adjustments of exam dates and retakes. I am grateful for the kind assistance of the teachers in this matter.
I am forever thankful for this experience and I will never forget it! This was a great opportunity to make a lot of connections and memories with people from all around Europe!


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