South Africa

I'm nursing student and I was two months at South Africa. It was great experience.

It was clear to me at the beginning of my studies, that I wanted to exchange. South Africa was on my mind and luckily we got here. I haven’t regretted it.

We came here to Potcherstroom do two months practical training. We worked example Potcherstroom public hospital. It’s really different to work here compared at Finland.

The level of hygiene was much worse and there weren’t all the necessary tools. Students were given so much responsibility and no one look after them. Working here taught more independence and courage.

At free time we example visit Cape Town and Sun City. Those were so beautiful places. We did skydive at Cape Town which was so amazing! I could do it again anytime.

The locals also have been so friendly to us. People comes to talk and ask where we are from. It’s really nice. We have often been told many times that the accent tells us that we are from somewhere else.

But overall I like this city. I will miss this place and now it’s feels so sad to come back to Finland. I can definitely recommend South Africa and Potcherstroom!


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