Greetings from Paris!

Life in Paris couldn’t be more filled with coffee shops and French kisses.

My time in Paris so far has been like a dream. It sounds cheesy, I know, but that’s the truth. When I decided to do my exchange in Paris I new that it would be fun, but I honestly didn’t dare to dream it to be like this. First of all, the city is beautiful! It contains so many possibilities about things to do and discover. Basically you are never bored. I have watched so many oil paintings that I am sure that I couldn’t handle any more of those. I have been shopping, partying, (studying) and just going sightseeing. I have had dinners with friends and I have went to fashion shows. All while still being able to do all of the studies required.

Second, people in here are really nice, if you don’t count the fact that they don’t move out of your way while walking (even when you’re carrying a huge luggage). Before coming here I was a bit worried about the locals not speaking English, but I have noticed they speak it quite well after they realize it is the only way to communicate with you. I haven’t gotten more than a few local friends, since French are known to be a little bit skeptical towards foreigners. However, I am lucky to be surrounded by so many lovely exchange students that I don’t even mind not being able to get to know French people.

I am studying Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), and my specialization is marketing and sales. In IPAG Business School I decided to do a “certificate in marketing management” that included five courses (30 credits). These courses have been very interesting and manageable. I haven’t had any problems balancing my school and my free-time while being here. I would say that the courses are the same level or a little bit easier than in my University of Applied Sciences, so I haven’t really stressed about passing them. The quality of teaching is quite well in line with the expectations towards students and the assignments with the teaching are supporting our learning.

As I said earlier, my life here couldn’t be sweeter. All I have to worry about now, is coming home at one point and leaving this all behind. Until then, I keep making unforgettable moments and connections and living life its fullest.


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