Grüezi from Switzerland!

From gondola rides to fondue nights: my semester in the heart of Switzerland.

I spent my study exchange semester in Luzern, Switzerland, a city known for its lights, dragons, and mountains, and I couldn’t have made a better decision. My time in Switzerland was filled with nights spent with my amazing roommates, mountain hikes, fondue nights, gondola rides and exciting trips to neighboring cities and countries. On the side I also did a bit of studying, but what I will take home is the unforgettable experiences I had in this country.

My studies included tourism, international economics and communication studies, a Swiss culture course, and I also conducted my own research regarding the internationalization of SME’s. The quality of teaching was similar to Finnish universities, but the workload seemed a bit heavier. Exams were considerably more challenging and required extensive studying, but luckily the exam period was in January, so I had a lot of time to prepare.

I got a room in the university housing and spent the semester with 15 roommates, 9 of whom were exchange students like me. This was originally a bit of a concern for me, since I had never lived in shared housing before and the idea of sharing the kitchen with 15 people seemed somewhat frightening. However, living in a shared flat turned out to be the absolute best part of my exchange! It was nice to experience what Switzerland has to offer with people that also had the same mindset and wanted to travel and experience new things. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to live in the heart of Switzerland, making memories that will last my whole life.


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