Greetings from lovely Manchester!

Greetings from lovely Manchester!

From the very first moment that I moved to Manchester, it felt like home. I am big on energy and vibes and Manny and its people have given me great impressions which helped me adjust to the new environment very quickly. Once a friend told me that “it’s the people who make the city, not the city itself” and I couldn’t agree more. Everyone here is so easygoing, that it is impossible to get out of the house and not meet someone new or have small talk with random people! And I truly love that. It makes you feel comfortable being surrounded by social people in a new city filled with strangers.
During the past couple of months, I have met new people, locals, and internationals, with whom we are sharing this experience; we are on this journey together. We have been exploring the town together, visiting art and historical museums, going to concerts, and trying out restaurants of various cuisines. Living in an accommodation with people all around the world, and as a person who loves cooking it has been an incredible experience to have the opportunity to exchange cooking skills with others and try some of the home country’s homemade meals. Also, the transportation here is very convenient, so every other weekend I just hop in the train and explore other cities.. Liverpool, Leeds, London, New Castle, and so many more are on my list for next year.

The weather here is not as bad as I expected it to be.. I guess living in Finland and experiencing heavy snowstorms and -20, made me think of 5 degrees as “Oh it’s warm today”! Rainy and cloudy days would best describe Manny. But luckily the sun does show up much more than it did in Finland… it might be gone for a day or two, but then for a week straight you get to enjoy the sunlight. I can’t lie though! I miss Finland’s beautiful nature during the winter and the long walks on the lake hoping to see the northern lights!

Academic-wise, it is challenging but I have been enjoying it only because the topics are truly very interesting. Topics that I would have never chosen to study on my own but also topics that I was aiming to dive deeper into either way. You can catch me studying in a cozy cafe downtown, where I can people watch, and then finish my day with a walk in Market’s Street or my afternoon tea…

Cultural norms.. especially the British accent which I didn’t think I had until I talked with someone who had not seen me in a while. I am loving it here, it has been such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to see what the next semester in Manchester will be like !

I am glad I decided to complete my studies here, and I would suggest it to anyone. The opportunities here are never-ending and some of the people you meet are one of a kind!

Until next time!

Best wishes,
Anna Nicolaidou


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