Greetings from Vienna

Combination of international studies, life in a big historic city and experiencing nature nearby.

I have been doing my exchange semester in the heart of Europe, in the great city of Vienna. I studied international business at FHWien der WKW during the semester, with the courses coinciding well with the previous courses I studied at TAMK.

The course selection process itself was setup very well for incoming students and it allowed us to really customize our course packages to fit our preferences. My receiving institution is very international in general, with hundreds of incoming exchange student every semester. This meant that my studies felt like they had more of an international environment rather than an Austrian environment, which I enjoyed.

One big reason for me choosing Vienna as my exchange destination was its location and the size of the city itself. Combination of these two meant my spare time was very action packed with a lot of activities within Vienna as well as traveling elsewhere in Austria and nearby countries. Due to the large amount of incoming exchange students to FHWien, it was easy for everyone to make friends and find a group to experience Vienna with. The Erasmus Network team did really well in the beginning to get everyone together and arrange activities during the first couple of weeks.

I found the study principles at FHWien to be quite like the ones at TAMK, at least for the courses I took part in. Plenty of group work, presentation, and assignments to hand in. The only slight difference was that some courses had exams to conclude the course. At times these exams really were just presentations, but nevertheless more exams than TAMK. This also meant that less reports to write, so I felt like it was even as far as workload goes.


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