Semester in Spain!

Greeting from beautiful Spain. I have enjoyed my time here a lot and would like to share some things with you.

Picture from the campus economics building.

I have studied this Autumn in Universitat Jaume I in Castellón de la Plana. I have liked the campus of this school a lot. The campus has multiple buildings for different fields, with cafe’s outside in the garden. I have also enjoyed the topics I chose on the classes such as “Sales management and tourism resources” and “Valencian art & tourist resources”.

Day trip to Benicassim.

In my spare time here in Spain I can find myself going out later to have dinner or tapas with friends. The time span from 20-23 is a normal time for everyday outgoings since the day has more emphasize on the evening to night time. The beach is close to the city, and I go there with my friends quite often. Other than trips and special plans, the life in Spain has the same daily routines that would be anywhere. Most of the people in Castellón, for example in grocery stores only speak Spanish so it is nice to know some greetings etc. before hand.

The studies in Spain and Finland differ a little. The semester in Spain ends to exam period where most of the courses have exams in the span of 4-3 weeks. The exams also in Spain are not able to be retaken until the next semesters exam period, so in a half a year. In Finland my courses have been most of the time evaluated by projects and reports, not exams. The classes in Spain are most of the time the teacher lecturing at the front of the class. Sometimes in the middle of the class especially during the morning classes we have an hour break to get coffee and breakfast at the campus.

I would recommend Castellón for anyone interested of the “authentic”, Spanish experience.

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