Postcard from Berlin

Greetings from Berlin!

In Berlin I am studying International Business which is mainly the same that I’m studying back in TAMK except in English. My courses includes economics, marketing, managing an organisation internationally and managing innovation. In Berlin we have school also on Saturdays which is surprising to me, but fortunately my classes are only on Mon-Fri. The workload of the courses is bigger than in Tampere. Especially for this one course, managing organisations, where there is a university teacher holding the class which then resulted into a very rough and hard to pass course. Comparing the other courses to that one, they are easier but relaying heavily on attendance for we rarely have any homework, which of course is different than in Tampere.

In my spare time I’ve been getting to know other Erasmus students from my classes, which was made very easy because I have an apartment in the school dormitory. It also made getting to know each other easier, that in the basement of the dorm building there is a bar called ”Bierkeller” which opens for dancing, drinking and to play pool almost every Friday. Also I have made a habit of weekly seeing some of the sights that Berlin has, for this I mostly went with the other Erasmus students.

So far I’ve visited many gardens when it was ”summer”, and before Christmas I visited a lot of Christmas markets. Also art galleries and exhibitions, Pergamum museum (after I visited there, it closed down the next week for 15 years so this was a MUST), Aleksanderplatz and Charlottenburg Schloss. I still have many sights to nick off my list and hopefully I’ll be able to visit them all before the end of my exchange!


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