Postcard from Nice, France

My postcard from France.

Greetings from Sunny Nice, France!

Salut from the stunning French Riviera! I wanted to share a glimpse of my life here, with the azure Mediterranean waters at my doorstep.

My free time on the beach is a delightful escape. Each morning, I can’t resist the call of the sea. I take long, leisurely walks along the Promenade des Anglais, feeling the warm sand under my feet and watching the world go by. It’s so different from the serene landscapes of Finland.

The beach in Nice is vibrant and alive with people from all over the world. Sunbathing is an art form here, and I’ve perfected it! I lay out my beach towel, soak up the sun, and occasionally cool off with a dip in the sea. The contrast to Finland’s serene nature is astounding.

Lunchtime is a feast of Mediterranean flavors, with fresh seafood, olives, and aromatic herbs. The cuisine in France is a masterpiece, a far cry from the hearty, traditional Finnish meals.

Studying in France brings its own set of experiences. The academic environment is lively, with a strong emphasis on critical thinking and debate. The university here has a rich history and is known for its world-class programs in the arts and humanities. It’s such a departure from the technology-focused approach in Finland.

In Nice, I’m learning to balance the rigors of academia with the beauty and vibrancy of French culture. I’m often found discussing literature in quaint cafes, exploring the city’s historic architecture, or taking in the arts at local museums.

The combination of beach life in Nice and the academic pursuits here is a stark contrast to the tranquil, nature-centric lifestyle in Finland. I cherish both experiences, as they offer me unique perspectives on life and learning.

I wish you could see the beauty of the Côte d’Azur! Until next time au revoir and näkemiin!

Warm regards,

Victor Denoncin


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