A snippet of my life in Ireland.

Relax for a moment and have fun reading a snippet of my life in Dublin, Ireland, where I am currently doing my Erasmus exchange.

Hi all,


My name is Elsa and I’m a fourth-year radiography student from Tamk. Currently I’m doing my Erasmus exchange in Dublin, Ireland. In Ireland my school is called University College Dublin and there are over 38thousand students studying here in UCD. The school campus is really big and you can find everything you might need from here as we have own grocery store, book store, restaurants, bar, sport places and fields as well as hair saloon and own safety department.


Back in Finland my program is called radiography and radiotherapy where as here it is radiography. Back home we study bit more widely the field of medical imaging whereas here the studies focuses only x-ray but that means they go into deeper knowledge about it. School here is really different than back in Finland. We have a lot of teachers outside from the school whereas in Finland we mostly have our own program teachers. Also, here they are not having as many breaks between classes and lunch is usually eaten around 1-2pm. So, what does my normal days look like here: I usually get up around 8am as my classes usually start around 9am. I find all my modules really interesting and I am already waiting for my clinical placement in few weeks. We do quite a lot group work here as well as have discussions about different topics. School usually ends around 4-5pm. After school I have practices twice a week as I joined the schools American football team. On the days I don´t have practices I like to explore campus and Dublin city center as well as do little trips around Ireland. Some days it is just nice to hang out with other exchange or Irish students. And of course, we must do schoolwork at home as well.

I have attached few pics from campus and city of Dublin 😊


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