saudações de Portugal!

Postcard from Porto, Portugal.

Ola! When I came here in September it was sunny and hot. The first few months there was great weather and I got to explore the nearby cities and national parks. When the “winter” came, it started to rain a lot and my apartment got flooded :D. The locals says that it has rained more than in 30 years.

At spare time, there is a lot to see, do and experience. In the city there is so much to see and with train or bus you can access amazing places like natural parks and other cities. Usually I have been hanging out with friends or explored the city on my free time. I spent Christmas in Lisbon with my girlfriend and it was very beautiful although I think that Christmas with palm trees and without snow is weird.


In ISEP where I’m studying, I have 6 courses and they are all connected with each other with a large project. We have sprints where we have to develop the project and also exams on all courses at the end January. Teaching methods are different are different than I have used to because the teachers doesn’t really teach anything on practical classes, they just tells you what you have to do. Theoretical part is in English or Portuguese depending on the teacher’s mood. Also it’s very common that everyone is late from everything.



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