Greetings from Germany

Practical training in Germany

I did my training exchange in Germany, Fulda. I did my practical training in a small hospital in two different units. The first unit was geriatric traumatology. The patients were old people who had fractures and they often needed a surgery. The second unit was a mix of gynecological patients and mothers with their newborns. The morning shift was from 6am to 2pm and the evening shift was from 1pm to 9pm. I never worked in a night shift but I did work on weekends. After work I would just hang out with my friends since there wasn’t much to do in Fulda. We would cook or go to a restaurant and hang out in a park. On the weekends we would travel to different cities in Germany. We did not travel to different countries since everything was quite far away from Fulda.


The biggest difference between my training in Finland and in Germany is the fact that I did not have a mentor in Germany. I would just go with different nurses all the time. Also the hygiene was quite bad in Germany compared to Finland. In the hospital where I did my training they had a map for every patient and the nurses charted everything on papers. In Finland all of that would have been done on a computer.


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