Greetings from Nuremberg!

Postcard about my exchange in Nuremberg or Nürnberg as Germans say.

I’m a nursing student from TAMK and I did practical training during my exchange. My student accommodation and home university (Evanlische Hochschule Nürnberg) were located in Nuremberg, but I did my training at the University Hospital of Erlangen. Erlangen is a smaller city, which is about 25 minutes away with a local train.

My first training lasted eight weeks and it was at the Chirurcigal ward, mostly for adult gastroenterology patients. The Second was for four weeks at the children’s clinic, a special area as the infection ward. I had basic morning and day shifts and I learned the differences between Finnish and German training, which they call ‘Praxisanleidung’ here. You can get a surprisingly lot of responsibility if you want. Of course, I learned the language and work culture at the same time. Some tutors spoke English and some did not, same with patients. Fortunately, the symptoms and diseases are the same so it was a bit easier to hop in.

Neuschwanstein Castle

During my free time, I did sports and met new people. Sometimes I was more tired after my shift, so I could also chill in the common room, which we had at our student accommodation. I also traveled inside Germany and enjoyed some cheap beer, what else : ) I went to see 2. Bundesliga game FCN-VFL, some Christmas markets, and Castles of Mad King Ludwig. I made a little there and back “Coming home for Christmas” -an interrail trip to Finland through Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.


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