Greetings from Seoul!

I studied Electrical engineering in Seoul National University of Science and Technology, or better known as SeoulTech.


My studies consisted of four courses on electrical field and two management courses. I studied microcontrollers, signal analysis, digital integrated circuits, laboratory course on measurements, financial- and operations management. Most of the course material I found interesting and useful and enjoyed most parts of the studies.

I did alot in my spare time.

Maybe the biggest things were two trips to Busan and one to Jeju island. I also went to the DMZ and visited most of the biggest tourist spots. Climbing on top of the Bukhansan mountain, the highest spot in Seoul, was also a great experience and the view was amazing. I felt like time was flying, because every day there was so much new things to do.

Korean studies compared to studies in Finland

I have to say that I’m pretty happy to study in Finland. There is so much competition between the students because the grades are given cumulatively and only the top of the class will succeed in life. Or that’s what it feels like. They have that kind of mindset, that if you are not the best, you will have no future. The students, at least the ones I worked with, have almost zero free time and are really stressed about school. And I really dislike the type of studying, where you have to learn everything including formulas and such from memory. In some courses we weren’t even allowed to bring a calculator in the final exams. But overall it was a great experience and it really made me appriciate Finnish education system even more.


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