Greetings from South Korea!

안녕하세요! It means hello in Korean. I have been studying here in Seoul, South Korea for spring semester 2022.

I’m studying at Seoul National University of Science and Technology. In Finland I study Business Information Systems, and my department here is Computer Science. I have programming, business and design courses here at SeoulTech. I have really enjoyed my exchange in Korea.

My everyday life here has been great. Seoul is beautiful and full of life, people here

are kind and I have made many local friends. On my free time I like to explore the city, spend time with my friends, and eat good Korean food. I have also visited other cities: Busan, Jeonju and Jeju Island.

Compared to Finland, I think studying here is a bit more difficult and time-consuming, teachers are more demanding and the pace of studying is faster.  However, I feel like teachers are more understanding towards exchange students, because they know that we are here for a short time and we want to enjoy our stay and experience as much as possible. So thankfully I have had a lot of free time along with studies.

For everyone who is thinking of going for an exchange, wether in South Korea or anywhere else, here is my advise: do it!! It’s totally worth it.



– Hilla


I want to study in korea in chemistry wants to know the whole procedure

Hajira Noreen

13.9.2022 18:39

Hi! I will send you an email about it 🙂

Hilla Kähkölä

14.9.2022 08:51

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