My life in the UK

Small summary of my experience in the UK

Hi all,

my name is Jonni, and I’m third-year civil engineering student from TAMK. I’m doing my Erasmus exchange in Wolverhampton, England. The town is quite small, but there is everything I need for living and studying. If I want to see people, I’m only 20 minutes away from the second biggest city of the UK, Birmingham. It was really easy for me to get to know my flatmates, and they became my best friends here really fast. I also have made a really good friend from my class, because we share every class together. Here in the UK, there is not too many classes, because the education system includes 50% work in school, and 50% work from home. It was really important for me to find one good friend from my class, so we can work together with the assignments. After classes, we always go to coffee shop to grab some snack, because here there is no proper school food.

During my spare time, I’ve been travelling a lot. Trainlines are really good, which makes it really easy to travel all around the country. Everywhere I go, I feel everyone is being so nice to me. As an normal Finnish person, I’m also working on being nice back to them by learning the typical small talk. In Finland I’m only used to say “Hi”, “Thank you” and “Bye”. My favorite place in the UK this far has been Edinburgh, Scotland.  I’m also more focused on going to the gym here, because my flatmates are studying sports, and they are going to gym regularly with me.

What comes to school work, there is rarely assignments, but we are more focused to build this big portfolio, which includes the learnt things from the whole module, and some additional self researched information. For my personality, I found education system in Finland better for me, because in Finland there is more small assignments during the module, and because I always end up leaving everything for the last day, it’s easier to do the small assignments rather than big 20 page portfolio.

Overall, I wouldn’t want to leave here, because I really enjoy being with my friends here, and I feel my routines have never been so good.




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