Greetings from South Korea!

My spring in South Korea

My exchange semester in spring and early summer 2023 has been a really great experience. I was studying at Kyunghee University in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

I was studying the same major, hospitality management, as in Finland. However, my courses were a bit more bussiness oriented and detailed. There was more theory than practical training.

Lectures were shorter and they were mostly listening and no group discussions. In Finland, it has been the opposite. I also found working in group tasks a little bit more challenging than in Finland, not only because language barriers, but also many people tend to do school work late at night. This is probably due to working part-time in order to pay tuition fees.


At my spare time, I have met many great people. Because I took bilingual courses, I have also made friends with Korean students. I have especially liked trying new foods, going historical sites (such as palaces) and walking around in different neighborhoods in Seoul.


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