Warm (and humid) greetings from Malta!

It has been an intense summer. I have learned so much about my future aspirations and also about myself and my confidence. In many ways Malta has made a difference in my life! I'm leaving Malta with a lot of love in my heart and a lot of new contacts in my phone.

My four months are almost over here in Malta. I came to do my internship at a reception desk in a english school called Sprachcaffe. It’s still unbelieveable to me how I got here. Thanks to pure luck and the universe, I was in class when one of my teachers came to visit and told us about this opportunity. I knew immediately that I had to take it!

I have been all around Malta. My favorite city is by far Marsaxlokk. It’s a fishervillage, full of colourful boats! I went there once early Sunday morning to do some shopping on the fishmarket which was held there. I was so amazed I had to take pictures! If you dislike smell of fish, the market for sure is not the place for you!

I put a lot of thought and effort into making my spare time as enjoyable as possible. I implemented routines I have in Finland into my life in Malta. I played a lot of Minecraft when I felt too exhausted to socialise and made sure I was emotionally well rested. I got a lot of new friends from here! They will stay in my heart for a life time. My dearest memories from here are all those picnics we had and those beachparties we went to.


It took some time for me to get settled in the environment. I learned quite quickly that languagebarrier would be my biggest issue at work, and that’s why I got this book as in the picture above. A lot off the staff at Sprachcaffe are from Spanish speaking countries so this summer was an amazing chance for me to hone my skills in Spanish.

Working in Malta has opened my eyes on how good the workingenvironment is usually in Finland. They don’t really care about how much you overwork. When it comes to safety at work, I can’t help but mention that all the buildings are indeed very old. I think that in Finland safety is often the number one thing in the list of important and mandatory things.

To be honest, I can’t wait to be back in Finland. I have started to miss  the colors of the nature and the safety of my own hometown, Tampere. I will be there soon!


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