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Loving the barren Finnish nature tells lot about Finnish people

Finnishness to me

In this post I´d like to share with you what Finnishness means to me!

What Makes Me a Finn?

What makes me a Finn? This question is challenging for someone like me, who believes that a world without borders between 'us' and 'others' would be preferable. Nevertheless, I have discovered certain aspects that perhaps make me slightly more Finnish than, let's say, Swedish. Read on, and you'll find out what they are!

We Finns - Mikko Louhimaa

In this blog post I ponder Finnishness from the perspective of its social dynamics and the contrast between its modesty and appeal. I address the question of why Finns keep coming back to Finland from travelling or living abroad.


What is Finnishness? Life in Finland is unique because everything here is relatively well organized, clean roads, free/affordable healthcare and free education. I would say being born in Finland is like starting life in easy-mode, at least in many sectors of life. For recent five years Finland has been the happiest country according to surveys conducted by United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.