About Finnishness and Finland

In this blog I tell shortly from my view of Finland and being Finnish.

Nature, lakes and sauna is most typical imagines and stereotyphcis of Finland. In the land of thousands lakes we have more saunas and cottages than cars. For many people nature means big part of finnishness, and no wonder, because when driving through Finland, the landscape is almost entirely forest.

I guess, that appreciation for nature comes from our history. Rugged and cold country did not provide life our ancestors at the easiest way. This increased respect for our land and its gorgeous nature. Long, frosty and dark winters have edited temper of finnish population to tenacious and unyielding, which is supped up word SISU.

When speaking about finnish temper, for myself the first thongs which comes to mind is stereotyphics about silence, unyielding, humility and honest. I have conservated about it with my friends and following things emerged; ”Finnishers are hometown sweethearts and in certain way also country and natureromantics. The finnish temper is on the same time dark and unyielding, but also beatiful.”

This comment about hometown sweethearts were intresting and thought provoting. According my own experience finnish people respects their hometown area but often already in same sentence they would express belittling and humiliating of their background. This imagines well about finnishers fear of being arrogant or boastful.

For me, Finland means pretty same things than a general streotypics. In my image relaxing weekend denotes trip for cottage. In cottage I can get peace on my mind by doing sports in nature and ofcourse I want to go sauna.

I appreciate lot of Finland’s clean nature, mostly Lapland. I love Finland’s winter, due to lot of my hobbies ice-hockey and snowboarding. I like to go hole in ice swimming too.

For the mostly foreigners Finnishers affects like strange freaks. Nation, whose language is one of the difficultest of world and speaking in elevator for unknown is more embrassing than silence. Despite being withdrawn and shy this nation wants to go sauna NAKED. In the sauna,naked conversation with the strangers is not any embrassing or umcomfortable.

Finns are still also something else than quietly bogeys in their own conditions.When the spring comes and light is increasing, general mindset goes positive. Sometimes somebody may even smile to stranger in elevator. When Finland is mentioned in the world, every Finns are very proud. For example winning ice-hockey world championship got people to stores and then everybody is happy!


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