First words to come to mind when thinking about 'Finnishness' is nature, snow, sauna, salmiakki, vodka, coffee (it may come as a surprise for some that Finnish people consume the most coffee in the world) and of course, ice hockey.

Sports in Finland

In many countries, there is one sport that everybody knows and supports. In majority of countries around world its soccer, football or what ever you may call it. But here in Finland, it’s ice hockey.

Hockey brings thousands and thousands of people together each year whether it is Liiga or World Championship games. mm2019

We have had the privilege to host championships here in Finland two years in a row – which is such a blessing to bring so much culture here from around the world. We have also been lucky to win the championship for the past two years, as well as olympic gold, and the celebration has been crazy.

Thousands of fans have gathered together to celebrate Lejonat (National hockey team of Finland) in Hakametsä parking lot in Tampere and party like there is no tomorrow. Well-known artists, such as Vesala, JVG and Haloo Helsinki, have came to celebrate and perform for the audience before the team will show up and join the celebration. In between the artists and the team, all popular hockey songs are blasting through speakers while Finnish people sing and dance along.

Hockey connects people like nothing else.


PS.The win tastes even more better when the final is played against Canada or Sweden (all games against Sweden are extra spicy and worth experiencing).


There is no hockey without Finland and Finland without hockey.


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