Finnish Tranquility

One cannot fully appreciate the simplicity of life in Finland without acknowledging the enchanting allure of its vast forests, pristine lakes, and magical winters.

Coming from India, the other extreme in terms of busyness, nature, and weather, there was a lot to notice, appreciate, and learn from the Finnish way of living. People reflect the environment they live in, and this is true for Finland and Finns as well. The country is quiet, calm, and peaceful, and Finns enjoy living private and relaxing lives. Happiness comes from simple things, walking through the forests, swimming in the lakes, chilling in the sauna, and knowing that everything around you has a good and working system that you don’t need to worry about, from high safety, good education, etc.

Simplicity isn’t a way of life that Finns actively try and live, but one that is woven into everyday life by the environment around them. Life in Finland is a celebration of the uncomplicated, and living here allows you to focus on more important things, and live life slowly and peacefully.


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