My Finnishness

In this blog post I am gonna tell you my experience of Finnishness. So what is Finnishness means to me.


I want to share why Finland means so much to me. I come from Finland and there are things about Finnish life that I really love. Let me tell you about what makes Finland special in my eyes.

Firstly, when I think about Finland, nature is the first thing what comes in to my mind. Finland’s nature is amazing. There are lakes and forests everywhere, and it’s not just about looking pretty. Nature is a big part of our everyday life. I enjoy spending time in the forest and by the lakes. Especially I love to go walk with my dog by the lakes and forests. Finnish air is very fresh and clean and I always feel good when I go out, even tho it can be very cold sometimes. Finnish winter is something that I am really proud of. Sometimes it is not so good, but when it is, it is a dream. I appreciate snow and that we are able to ski and skate on the lake ice for example. These things makes me feel very Finnish.

Then, we have these “other homes” called cottages. Mostly they are called “summer cottages”, but you can also spend time there any time of the year. They may not be so fancy outside, but they feel wonderful and warm inside. Our cottage is a place where we spend a lot of time with our family. Sometimes we have lot to do, but sometimes it’s all about relaxing and just being there.  Every time I go to my cottage, it helps me relax and focus on the moment. It is perfect place to go if I feel stressed or overwhelmed. In our cottage we have a big lake where we go for swim and of course sauna. Saunas hold a special place in Finnish culture. It’s not just a place to get warm; it’s a space for relaxation, reflection, and socializing. Many Finns consider the sauna a vital part of their routine, and it’s often seen as a symbol of Finnish identity.  A lovely and warm place to relax. That is one of my favourite things to do…

Finns are often described as friendly and polite people. While there might be a cultural tendency towards introversion, there is a genuine warmth and helpfulness that is characteristic of Finnish interactions.

Finland is recognized for its strong education system and innovative mindset. Being Finnish can involve valuing knowledge, continuous learning, and a forward-looking approach to technology and progress. I am very thankful that we have a good education system in Finland and for example now that I am able to study in other country.. that is just amazing.

It’s essential to note that being Finnish is a diverse and evolving concept, influenced by individual experiences, family background, and the changing dynamics of modern life. While these points offer a general overview, each person’s connection to their Finnish identity is unique


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