The land of lakes

I have lived in Finland for two years now, moving with my wife in early 2020. I have experienced parts of Finnish culture and visited Finland many times before I moved as my wife is Finnish. I can comfortably say that I don’t just love a Finn, I also love Finland.

The main thing I love about Finland is the nature, in just a 10-minute walk from my apartment I have two beautiful lakes I can where I can walk, ski or swim. When the hours of the day allow me, I often go on a walk around one of the lakes in an evening to unwind, stopping occasionally to admire the view and listen to the birds chirp. When the days are warm enough laying at one of the beaches of the lakes and going in for a swim to cool down.

During the winter months I learnt to cross country ski, I was terrible at first, but a bit of perseverance I now no longer fall over as much as I used to. When I come back from skiing in an evening there is one thing to top it off after. Sauna. I’m not such a fan of sauna in the summer, but when it’s -20°C outside and you are cold to the bone, it is just bliss.


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