Finnish summers and winters

From the word Finnishness the first thing that comes to my mind is pure nature, lots of forest, sauna and night-less nights.

Finland is the land of thousands of lakes and really many Finns have a cottage by the lake and sauna of course.  The Finnish summer includes staying at the cottage, barbecuing and sauna, after which it is good to take a dip in cold water for a swim. Finns are pretty shy people, but when it comes to sauna, Finns are happy to go there with strange people and even completely naked, which is funny. Finnish summers are special because the sun does not set at all and all night is bright. In the summer, people spend a lot of time outdoors, because in autumn the air becomes colder and gloomy.

During winter time in northern Finland, the sun does not rise during the day at all which is the complete opposite of summer when the sun stays up all day. Autumn/winter time in Finland is dark, wet and depressing. It is often said in winter that people have seasonal depression because the sun is up for so little time and for many months it is really gloomy weather outside and just a little sunlight on offer. I personally feel much more tired and unwell in autumn/winter due to the darkness while in spring and summer i am quite energetic.


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