My experiences of Finnishness

Finnishness to me is nature and silence. The option for peace and solitude is always there if you want it. I have lots of experience living in other countries, and one thing I always like to come back to is the reserved nature of people in Finland. There is no forced conversation, no fake bubbliness or overbearing friendliness. Personal space is always respected and you’re never forced to be in a social situation that you don’t want to be in. On the flipside, when Finnish people open up to you, they’re open and honest. They are friendly and generous. In many cultures, this kind of social atmosphere may be appealing. Personally, I like it. There is no pressure to put on a face or be anyone except for yourself if you don’t want to be, and I really appreciate that.

Nature is also a large part of Finnishness to me, and with that, good fresh produce and natural objects. The air always smells good, and there is a patch of quiet land you can always escape to. I appreciate how Finnish people take good care of their environment in the way they produce food, recycle, create objects and respect nature. The seasons are also beautiful. I always enjoy returning to Finland, the air always feels fresh and the water is clean.


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