Finland: the country of thousands of lakes and cups of coffee

For me Finnishness is definitely a thing to be proud of. We are quite a small country and many people don’t know about us at all or especially about our culture. 

Interior details Finnish sauna steam room with traditional sauna accessories set basin birch broom towel aroma oil. Relax country village bath concept.


One of the many things I truly appreciate is our national holidays. For example the midsummer celebration is when we go to our summer cottages and spend time with our family and friends. Most cottages are located near the lake as we are a country of thousands of lakes. Summer cottages often include a sauna and in fact most of Finnish homes have a sauna. We really enjoy the relaxing moment together or by ourselves like for example my mother goes to the sauna every single day without an exception.


Closeup image of a man and a woman clinking coffee mugs in cafe.


During the winter it is cold outside and often the streets are filled with snow. That’s when we Finns love to stay inside, roll up in a cozy blanket and enjoy a cup of hot coffee. To be honest, for us it doesn’t really matter what time of the year it is to drink coffee since Finnish people, according to some research, are the biggest coffee drinkers in the world as the average Finn consumes 12 kilos of coffee per year.


There are so many things to appreciate about Finnishness. I hope and believe that I will only be more proud and thankful of them when I visit other cultures. 




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