It is to be secretly proud that your country is again named as “The happiest country” even though you can not believe why would they choose Finland. We might not be the happiest but pretty happy what we have. One of my favorite things is to see some foreign media post something about Finland and the seeing comments like “torille” (to the market square) or “Suomi mainittu” (Finland mentioned). Always kind off proud of Finland but still surprised if anyone decides to travel to Finland for any reason. Finnishness is to always talking about traveling the world and living abroad but still we say “I loved it but it is always nice to return home”.

When you go visit your friend or relatives and they start making coffee, Finnish person will say “you shouldn’t do it just for me”. But then they will happily accept one or two cups of coffee anyways. This applies almost to every similar situation. First you will get modest “no” as an answer but after all one is accepting your offering. Maybe we don’t want to seem greedy.

For anyone considering visiting Finland, do it. It might take time to find your way into Finnish hearts but when you have Finnish friends around, you will have them forever.


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