If I have to describe Finnishness, I would have to say honestly, silence and fairness. You can really trust Finnish people. You can feel safe in Finland. Finnish people might be shy at first but when you get to know them better we are actually quite social.


Finnish nature is very beautiful and it means a lot to me. The seasons are also beautiful in Finland. Fall is perhaps too bare and dark for me. Summer time in Finland is very beautiful and I enjoy it. It is the best time in Finland. In winter time it is very nice to do some winter sports, for example downhill skiing or skating. Sauna is an amazing place in winter time. 


Finnish food is simple and natural. You might find a few odd dishes and some Finnish traditional food could be fantastic or worse. Finnish Christmas food is amazing and I also like ”makaronilaatikko”. Long drink (lonkero) is also in my heart. Finnish candy is very good and samiakki is something that I always need sometimes. 


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